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The Call of the Empress--End of Summer Special!

You KNOW you are powerful. You KNOW you have something amazing to add to this world. But guess what? Even empresses need to be reminded of their worth. Even divas need confirmation that they are beautiful and capable and the world is theirs! SO, let me turn you into your most divine Empress self with The Call of the Empress mini portrait! Summer is winding down and it is my great pleasure to offer you an amazing 6x8 inch portrait of you as your finest Empress self! Just 11 spots available! Only $147 and Free shipping! OFFER EXPIRES at midnight Pacific time on August 31st! Send a private message or email & I'll give you the easy details! Can't wait to see you shine!! Xoxoxo,Julia
PS--This would make a great gift for any girl's, any ladies in your life!! Daughters, mothers, sisters, biz friends! The Empress Alanna

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