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The Call of the Empress--End of Summer Special!

Day 11--Poetry Vlog--Len Anderson

Day 10--Poetry Vlog--Robin Lysne

Day 9 Poetry Vlog--David Sullivan

Day 8--Poetry Vlog, Margie Curcio

Day 7--Poetry Vlog, Langston Hughes' "Jukebox Lovesong"

Day 6--Poetry Vlog--Kelly Cressio-Moeller!!

Day 4--Poetry Vlog--A Beautifully Needed Poem

Day 3--Poetry Vlog--Me, Tarzan! You, Jane!

Day 2--2017 Poetry Vlog--Of love and grief and gills

Day 1--2017 Poetry Vlog--The lighthouse, the necklace, the lover

Update From DazzleLand