Did you ever feel like every little thing had to be in place before you could even start? 
Like the classic puppy, circling its mat in a little typhoon, before settling in and shutting its sleepdog eyes? 

For me, it goes like this: The lacquered cherry nailpolish that looked so shiny and sweet when I manicured my hands (and by that I mean, slapped some polish on that I found in the bottom of the box of acrylic paints that I was cleaning out. Yes, you could say I have a form of ADD—Artists’ Dazzle Disorder!!—“Oh, I’m in the middle of FINALLY getting my paints in order…I should probably stop and polish my nails!”)…BUT I digress. I do that a lot. I think that may have been my intended name. Digress…Tigress? (Oh, someone please get my head out of the jungle of distraction that lays traps all around for Shiny! Polish-y! Ruby-colored!!...
As I was starting to begin to finally tell you, I’ve been hearing a sweet, insistent voice in my head saying the word Blog.
(But what will I sayyyyyy?)
(But I have to re-do my nails…I can’t type on my laptop about seizing the dazzle of life when my own nails look like the shabby walls of a dilapidated old falling down building, the remnants of a creative soul’s studio, painted lipkiss red and peeling!)

(But I can’t remember how to spell words like dilapidated!)
You. Are. Getting. On. The. Bus. To. Blogville, says the voice
(But my son plucked twelve key-faces off of my laptopp two years ago and every time I typpe the letter p, I have to ppress super hard and that will get on my nerves if I’m typping all the time. And I don't exactly love riding the bus.)
 Okay--your limo to Blogville has arrived. Just start!
(But a little girl and a little boy are pretending to be my house…fort-building, “let’s-eat-our-snack-from-the-kitchen-floor!” puppies.)
For the love of blog, would you just do it already?!

So here I am, writing into the Unknown, with my two dogs/not dogs, a dining table/studio full of paints and notebooks, (on which my broken-P laptopppp is perched ), with my little hand-painted, love-blessed journals and boxes and paintings that I intend on selling on my Etsy site (because that one hand-painted card is getting lonely!) …writing the first post on this blog to Somewhere. (hopefully a nail salon!)



  1. Go, go, go, you dazzling, creative force! Can't wait to read your blog, blog, blog... even if you have ppppress really hard (or find a synonym) now and then! You're an inspiration!

  2. I love you! Thank you, Glorious Rachel! Muahhh! (I was going to say pppperfect, but you know the story with those words...)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! Pardon the wildly long delay! I hope you'll enjoy the new series of hand-lettered affirmations I'm doing this month! Much love, Julia


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