Am I ready to accept this?

I realized yesterday that I (my moods, my temper, my sweetness) set the tone for my whole family, that the level of love and joy I bring to my home, to my days, to mySelf each day changes everything. With this realization, I am filled with an almost overwhelming sense of responsibility but also an immense sense of honor.

If I have a prayer, it is this:
Let me hold more joy than resentment.
Let me remember to smile, even laugh, when before I may have barked an order. (this one is pretty easy--my kids often put underwear on their heads and dance around the house)
This is my Life here.
I have been taking little nothings too seriously.
Let me breathe it in for a moment.
Let me remember to take beautiful care of mySelf and my soul.
Let me remember that the energy in my heart (the lightness, the darkness) can change the very pulse and joy of those closest to me.


Part of this "taking care of myself" means painting, so I share with you this new piece in my latest series.


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