The O.M. (Oxygen Mask) Project: 28 Days of Lettering & Love-Affirming Words!

With the intention of baptising my very brain with positivity, bringing the light in, bringing love in, bringing success and joy and sexiness and LIFE into my life, I'm putting on my oxygen mask first. Ommmmm. As a mama, I've had a tendency to put my desires, my well-being, last. No more. Deep breath.

For the next 28 days, (yes, the whole month of February) I'm posting a daily, hand-lettered quote/verse/affirmation for the sake of  infusing my soul with the light-heartedness of a hundred fledgling sparrows...ok, maybe not that cutesy (I want to scare the apathetic yuckies out of the building here!), all the while practicing new lettering skills because I LOVE words! I love writing! And I love using words in my art. Do you?

Day One, Baby!:



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