They're Gonna Find Me Out...

What do you do when you're surrounded by impossibly-talented, business-minded artist-entrepreneurs for four days?
Do you:

a) recite a Richard Nixon-esque mantra in your head as you peruse the stack of masterpieces printed on the business cards of your colleagues: "I am not a hack. I am not a hack."

b) pretend you're your own mother and say what she would say if she were standing next to you, holding out a comforting, warm half-caf Americano with cream: "You are just as much an artist as anyone here. You're my favorite artist! You came all the way to Colorado just like everyone else and that tells the world that you take yourself seriously in your business! Go get 'em!" (But I don't do encaustics, or oxidization and I don't know what the heck that lady meant when she asked if I my work was representational!!...Yes! It's representational of passion! Of joy! Yes! It's representational of a bouquet of flowers...oh, why, yes, my current work is representational mixed media on abstract acrylic backgrounds....thank you for asking...."

c) realize that your education as a poet leans right into your work, informs the smallest cuts and swirls and patterns because you are trained to look for the minute details of things and show them to people, moments of beauty that bring light to people's souls and spirits and lives, that your job as an artist is to not cleave yourself of your former selves, but to seize them as your strengths...not one or the other but a singing, writing, painting, crafty Artist-Girl who does not need to weld or weave or do anything but what she is doing. Just pick up the pen, the brush, the tube, the eraser and go....

which is exactly what I went back to my room and did. On my breaks from the fabulous ArtBiz Makeover with ArtBiz Coach extraordinaire, Alyson Stanfield. I went back to my room and made this work of ART. Because that's what real ARTISTS do. They get over their excuses, their insecurities, their desire to compare their art to another's (especially when it is all SO damn good!)...and they make Art.

Here is some of the total pro, phenomenally exquisite artistry I'm talking about...omg, I was in heaven just looking at the other artists' business cards!Check out the majesty here:

New Day Dawning by Lisa Jennings

Girls Fight Club by Patricia Aaron

Measure of Inundation Oxidized silver leaf, collage, Renaissance Wax on paper on panel, 40 inches x 30 inches, 2014
by Trude Parkinson

Web Alley by Cythnia Protzman



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