What a Crazy Idea!

I'm not going to lie...in these last 60+ days since the giant golden door slammed on 2015 and the wide, ruby red door of 2016 opened, I've had a few nights of "What the heck was I thinking" doing this drawing every day thing? I have a PH.D. in procrastination and a rebellious streak that turns on her red Louboutin and sprints from the boredom of something so...daily! I'd give myself a baker's dozen days max at this. Then, knowing me, I would break my promise, break my practice, take a break so long that it would be a new challenge altogether if I started up again, just as it was when I'd wake at 6 to have Jillian Michaels bark at me not to wimp out, not to phone it in! I'd exercise for 2 weeks and then my jiggly booty would decide not to get out of bed (had a cold, too little sleep, Jillian was too mean, PMS...Mercury went retrograde again!).

Which is why I'm SO flipping proud of myself, you twinkly butterflies!! I've really done it (except for that one Sunday I worked my fingers off collaging and painting and shading and I forgot to post it!...but I posted 2 as soon as I remembered!). I've begun envisioning a Seize the Dazzle product line and these sketched ladies have given me a fun start!

I've learned through this challenge so far that I can keep a promise to myself, that I do follow through, that when it matters, I show up, brushes or pencils or paints in hand! Now maybe these long-necked ladies with rockin' cheekbones that I've created will inspire me to set my alarm a little early, get up and face the lovely Jillian Michael...every day. Because I can do things daily now--I've proven that--and without my gypsy soul wandering away, chasing that elusive next glimmering thing over there. Do you see it? 

Here are a few of my favorites:

Here's a flippy little slideshow of the first 59 days!

Thank you for looking, sweeties! 


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